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Knowledgeable Criminal Law Attorney in Huntsville Defending Your Rights

Were you accused of a crime? Whether you were accused of a misdemeanor drug offense or a larger felony charge, it is important to hire a criminal law attorney in Huntsville as soon as possible. Littrell Law Firm is knowledgeable in criminal defense and the laws surrounding a number of offenses in the state of Alabama. Our professional and experienced lawyer aims to assist clients in the best way possible. Whether pleading innocent or guilty, our goal is to help our clients receive the most reduced sentence possible.
Representing Clients Accused of DUI Infractions
If you were accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances, you face such penalties as suspension of your driver's license, hefty fines or even jail time. Our job is to determine how serious your offense was and whether any mistakes were made on the part of the officer by addressing how the human body absorbs alcohol, the effects it has on the body, the scientific method involved behind Breathalyzer tests and whether other factors may have affected a client's performance on the test.
Even if you choose to plead guilty to the offense, we make every attempt to keep you out of jail. While a client who chooses to plead guilty may still have to pay a fine or lose driving privileges, we can often assist in coming up with a payment plan or minimizing other consequences. Perhaps you have an old case but believe your record should be expunged. We can look at your case to determine if there is a course of action to take.
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